• How we do it

    To make a gorgeous jewelry item, we put in all of our efforts and expertise to give our customers an high end jewelry .

    A single piece of jewelry goes through many processes and our devoted and professional team makes sure that the jewelry comes out in the best way you deserve.

    Our expert designers draw the jewelry through a 3D illustration and put in every little detail needed to let the goldsmiths make the perfect piece of jewelry.

    Our gemologists goes through the variety of diamonds and gemstones that will fit perfectly and give them to our setters who take care of setting the stones into the jewelry . Then our goldsmiths put all the pieces together to create the jewelry of your dreams with the uniqueness that is only yours.

  • Our Diamonds

    A diamond is a rare natural treasure.

    Each diamond is unique and is measured according to 4 criteria which are also called The 4 C’s.

  • 1. Color

    Natural diamonds usually come in a variety of colors from colorless to yellowish. Diamond colors are graded using a letter scale from the highest color grade- D “colorless” to Z “light yellow”.

    There are also naturally colored diamonds as pink, green, orange, black, blue, red, yellow… and these are considered extremely rare.

  • 2. Clarity

    The clarity of a diamond is determined by the impurities and inclusions present in the stone.

    The inclusions are usually found on the inside of the stone and can come in the way of the sunlight that passes through to shine and sparkle.

    Gemologists determine diamond’s clarity by examining it with magnifying glass.

    The clarity is rated between “flawless” – that is, a perfectly clean diamond, and “included” – a diamond with small imperfections.

  • 3. Cut

    The cut of a diamond refers to its proportions and shape.

    The quality of the cut is determined by three criteria: proportions, symmetry and finish.

    A properly cut and polish create an optical effect in which the light goes through the diamond in every direction but exits from its upper part.

    Only after the diamond has been professionally cut and polished its inner beauty emerge.

  • 4. Carat

    Diamonds are measured in units of weight called “Carats”.

    The word carat comes from the ancient Greek word “caraton” which means carob.

    In the old days, carob seeds were used as an estimate of the trade in goods